Art Direction . Momento D’oro . Interior Design

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Momento d’oro “Golden Moment” interior design project for Rome city centre apartment showroom juxtaposes gold and white to create a space of charm with contrasts. Wall art panels created by Decoartpiece are inspired by ancient Romans and Christian Church in Roma, the ancient old town. Art pieces surface decoration with soldered granules of gold paints on top of Italian Stone symbolic gold in antiquity. The collection reflects the signature style of the artist of her groundbreaking Disappearing Memory Series, which combines old wall textures and vintage aesthetics into luxury glamour and modern sensibilities in the interior and product design. The abstract raw layers of the paintings and freehand gold brushes of the surfaces adds to the apartment’s yellowish and white palette, giving its beautiful solid brass antiques from the 50s, modern designer lighting, golden home textiles and sculptural handmade decoration the opportunity to really shine.
The interiors showcase white and gold’s effortless ability to tap into a sophisticated mood. Combining gold and white is a brilliant way to make a space feel rich and large. Depth and presence is added to the space courtesy of the white furniture unit, while decorative gold brass antiques, white decorative ceiling details and old books collection creating grand aesthetics and a timeless touch of the old days.
The classic wood flooring creating a timeless focal point for this interior with a charming yellow wall as a touch. The gold pairing is balanced by a silver grey sofa display. Beautiful golden touches of the brass antiques adds metallic highlights to the color scheme, while art pieces of the same color palette pull the timeless styling together. The black and white old wall artprints along the hallway deliver modern minimalism and refined touches at once.The amazing interior embraces the complementary hues that were destined to a contemporary modern home interior decoration.