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Due Maesta Montepulciano Abruzzo Selezione

This post showcases a collection of branding & identity design for an Italian food and wine label Due Maestà. The brand Due Maestà presents classy wine and high quality food from Abruzzo Italy for generations, their signature products includes Montepulciano d’Abruzzo,  Pecorino and Olive Oil. The branding direction is to achieve classy yet simple outlook of their products, therefore the brand storytelling features the passion of wine and food making with a modern touch as a traditional now, a classic decor with perennial style and a twist of contemporary personality.

A range of branding and identities from design brief to actual graphic design such as label design, material selection, photography, leaflets and other marketing material.The logo and pattern are continued though the full range with a black, gold and silver as a luxury touch.

Some new material such as metal and abstract art are introduced in the branding for different lines of products.

2016 Due Maesta Wines from Delcivino

We create the perfect blend between an attractive image and an engaging story through a strong concept that shows the uniqueness of each wine.

Due Maesta Oilve Oil

 Artwork by Yan Fong  . More : Delcivino