Art Winning Award. Touching Discussion . Tiara Sculpture Competition by Decoartpiece Yan Fong Dan Ness

Art Award. Touching Discussion . Tiara Sculpture Competition by Yan Fong Dan Ness 3

Art Award. Touching Discussion . Tiara Sculpture Competition by Yan Fong Dan Ness 4


 “Touching Discussion”

The Concept is to express the way ideas are carried out between people with reference to Chinese symbolism of square means rectangular earth while circle means orbicular sky. There are two left hands triangulated with the third element of the “respect” character. Sometimes people come to a standstill or roadblock and have to overcome their differences to reach a common goal. A dialogue or discussion sometimes leads to arguments or compromises but it is important to see beyond and work together to get something done. Ultimately, it requires people to use their hands to make something. Tools are extensions of our hands and our hands are tools of our minds.

There are two left hands instead of three.Triangulation is important so the third element could be this “respect” character. The hands are two left hands, so they are obviously from two different people. Both hands are Back to Back so they are facing the world, facing outward, to help each other and the world better, not facing inward which could be interpreted as a challenge like arm wrestling.

Black and white to express opposites elements like the Yin and Yang, dual forces, two hands from two different people even though the hands are similar. The old wall texture because the hands are going to weather anyway and this can give an appearance of already worn in or to say that the old city was built by hands and made to last. it is a way of bringing attention to this man made and natural change occurring in our cities before we blindly destroy the foundations of our history and culture in the name of progress The proposed texture reminds us that our environment built from our history must be respected.

Winning artwork  by Yan Fong . Dan Ness

Winning entries will be produced in actual size by MTR and displayed in MTR•Tiara, a residential development of MTR Property Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited. To put sculpture into the limelight and nurture young sculptural artists, Public Art Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre and MTR Property Development (Shenzhen) Company Limited are presenting MTR•Tiara Sculpture Competition.

“港铁•天颂雕塑艺术大赏”是港铁•天颂与香港艺术中心正式签约合作后共同举办的第一项艺术盛事,通过引入香港艺术中心及香港公共艺术充当桥梁,让艺术走进小区,为城市注入生气。本次雕塑比赛吸引了海内外艺术者的高度关注和热情参与,征集到众多海内外优秀作品,并由国际艺术专家组成的评审团评选出. 著名法国艺术家娜塔莉•德科斯特女士,著名雕塑艺术家、天津美术学院副院长于世宏先生及国内外艺术界知名人士、参赛艺术者将出席本次颁奖典礼,共同探讨艺术与社区生活、城市规划建设的有机联系。

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