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Yan Fong Fashion Designer and Artist

A fashion editorial for a luxury fashion brand directed by Yan Fong was featured in Obscurae Magazine New York on a full printed pages. The direction of the editorial is about Faded Memories while lots of vintages elements could be found in the fashion shoot such as vintage VW bug and van in a historical downtown.The Faded Memories is a story of a glorious woman who vanished into the mists of time whereas the brilliant shines left only fading memories behinds. She believe memory believes before knowing rememebrs .She keeps seeking the linkage between her passed pieces and present zone in balance to her innocent nature. She drove down her 1960s vintage bug to download with her favorite red fish tail dress while she needs a bit of quite before enter the opening reception cause as soon as she knows being in the centre of attention will again reminds her the conflicts of her true identity and the social appearance.