Artist Interview . Disappearing Memory . Inspirational Life . Toronto

Artist Interview . Disappearing Memory . Inspirational Life

Disappearing Memory showcase a series of prints inspired by old walls. They capture the visual memory that is disappearing from the city as a result of modernization. The work aims to transfer the message that each old wall has its own character because every single texture and color contains a story. These tales can recall an old memory or be interpreted as new memories by the viewer. These elements were forgetting from the modern society and eaten by the speedy modernization. The photos aims to transfer a message that each old wall has its own character and will never be the same, cause every single texture and colors behinds contains a story which leaves a blank space for people to think and to guess which carry the same as the abstract painting.

” I lived and worked in New York and Hong Kong and traveled extensively between two places for fashion and art projects. My major is Fashion Design, this profession brought me the opportunity to see the world’s design capitals like Paris, Milan and London. These valuable experiences working with major luxury fashion leaders through the years helped develop my sense of aesthetic in terms of classy and timeless pieces. The sense of fashion rooted in my creative mind had influenced my art in a contemporary yet classy way especially seen in texture and surface explorations.

I started to get in touch of art when I was 1. I remember I was with my grandma in front of our heritage house in GuLong Yu island and I found myself incredibly attached into all the textures I had seen like the old stone, red brick and aged wood. I started to apply some ink that I found in my grandpa’s collection onto the surface. The way it spread varied and I found endless way to create. Since the seed was rooted, it lead me to the creative industry.  I studied Fashion and Art in New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) which broadened my horizons to balance my art and fashion in a positive way.

Upon my graduation I had to decide whether to stay or go back to Hong Kong. That has been one of my biggest struggles. I made my decision to return to Hong Kong and although I missed New York too much, I realized I was not comparable to stay in the place where loads of designers and artists try hard but not even gain their spot to stay. At that time I was lost and I know I could not move on with that lost of mind. I realized I needed to ground myself with solid foundation for another growth while changes are necessary either its painful or beautiful, but most of the growth are both.

In the past ten years I developed my profession and specialization in fashion and art through working with fashion leading companies in Northern America with supports from Asia. Each season I flew to world-class fashion weeks and started the seasonal line with clients. I handle various design projects such as Fashion Direction, Product Development, Art and Design Consultation etc. I realized being a creative talent we must go international since design messages are spreading faster than ever in this global village. This is an era for talents to get their work out to the world via various channels and the key to success is that we must work hard and think out of the box.

I admired how Coco Chanel invented the very first Little Black Dress, I also like artists such as Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, James Brooks who brought the abstract expressionism forward to the century. I have my very first and only mentor in my life, Egmont K., who brought me to the right track of life since I was 15. I was influenced by his depth of life and pure of love of how to gain a life with valuable contribution that our future self will thank you for.

My inspiration comes from my life and consist of time, spaces and faces. I found inspirational elements though positive eyes locally and from travel. I also found my ultimate creation through my dreams from an unreal state of mind.The freshness of creation is driven by unlimited passion of exploration to the newness. It could be simply an impressive visual found in my neighborhood or an unforgettable image discovered in another side of the world. Inspiration is endless unlimited imagination.

I gain my major living through my fashion profession and art consultant on projects. I found it is important to stay professional and grow the art in the same time, they are the best harmony in creative world. It requires a lot of effort and time to gain one’s spot in the creative industry with  preparation to face lots of disappointment along this lonely path. Simply because creative industry solely depends on one’s love and hate with an objective mind. We must review where we stand for now ,why we started in the past and where we will go in the future. Being lost is not a right track while work towards a goal will keep us forward.

My clients are mostly from US and I am continually to focus more on other major design capitals in west coast such as Los Angeles, San Francisco. I have plans for the upcoming 2015 with expedition to showcase in Toronto and Vancouver. The topic of Disappearing Memory Series has brought me recognition to various area beyond my expectation and I am really looking forward to my next destination! I believe the best way to predict the future is to create it!

My goal for the next ten years is to get my fashion and art out to the world for its best. I believe every step I make would benefit a little bit for a better world simply because of its good vibes spreading though the art. I also target as usual to speak for animals in need through my action, they are the last group of this planet yet to be saved. We as humans should review how much we have wasted our resources in our planet and respect other species who shares the same world with us. I wish our world becomes more peaceful and sustainable and I also wish to preserve and extend our contribution for a better world.

Creativity is a connection to things that we are attached to and pay attention to.Once we place our focus into the right aspect with greatest benefit to our world we will be in a good path yet, the effort is immeasurable ! Never judge how much we could bring to this world and everything we bring to this world for its greatest benefit is invaluable.

Yan Fong graduated with a Fashion and Textiles Design Bachelor Degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (ITC) and studied Fashion and Art Major in New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) .Yan lived and works in Paris, New York City and Hong Kong for years to spread her vision on international contemporary art with a unique focus and love of vintage. Yan Fong’s aesthetic is defined by the use old elements in a stylish and elegant manner. The use of red, black and white along with some earth tones tastefully conveys the sense of high fashion into her prints. A major recurring theme in Yan’s body of work is the discovery of everyday images of our cities. Her figures hint at our memory of forgettable imagery present in every floating city and present art as a normal process of time and space. “

Featured by Toronto leading art magazine 180 Magazine .

Interview by George Qua-Enoo