We love Art, We love Vintage, that’s why DecoArtPiece was founded. We have our vintage collection from furniture to home décor stocks in our warehouse in Xiamen GuLong Island, an Island with a lot of heritage houses all over 100 years. Tonight I would like to pinpoint DecoArtPiece to collaborate with architecture and interior professions to create Art Prints, Wallpaper and Wall Art in a sense of style, the vintage luxury.

With the background of fashion and art, I am able to travel for work and collecting antiques over the world. I started developing the sense of style in terms of color and texture represents vintage can be chic and luxury. There are a lot of Red, Black and Brown in my fashion and the abstract Ink Paint in my art work. These are the major colors of vintage luxury that I found in fashion, art and interior, they are very similar in a way that not much differences at all. I believe design is broadness and creation is endless, fashion and art, interior and architecture is a shared the same design language.

Today I am presenting my latest Art print collection “Disappearing Memory series”.

“Disappearing Memory” is a collection of visual images which captures a group of vintage elements that are fading out slowly in the cities. They recall our attention of disappearing cultures which being developed over years in a specific time and space.They exist in our city, we just need more time to feel and see.

Vintage Wood is one of the disappearing memories.

A piece of old wood is a piece of art, it exists in our earth for long, it captures the memory in ages, just looking at the grains and lines already provide a rich visual impact. I have been keep thinking how to transform the texture into contemporary art print, than I start to apply layers of colors with an abstract touch on top of the wood to get these colors merging into the texture.This Wood Print was reported by Own Sweet Home TV show on an interview of vintage luxury. You can see how wood texture can be amazingly blended into different home products like vintage Glass lighting, Tapestry cushion, Wooden decoration, one thing I forgot to includes here is a vintage record players, everything in a mix create a vintage yet contemporary design.

Old Wall is one of the key elements in disappearing memory.These photos were taken in different local places before they were taken down.The rustic steel looks old to matches with the old wall with a pop of chic red. These elements are so rich in color and layers but they were being forgetting in the corner and treated as trash in the speedy cities.This group of art print captures the character of the old wall with its own texture and colors, it is so amazing that these texture and color were created by times and they looks like Ink Painting with layers of blank and black in an abstract style. More than an ink painting, the Old Stone contains lots of texture on it draw by times, it seems like they are telling you a story from the past.

The broken red tail is another amazing element to be captured of its unexpected broken line and mixture of different layers and colors of paint.The color of this old wooden door was faded out by times and the remains color was brushed by rains, by winds, by times for its look right now, each lines seems telling you how old it is and amazingly everything is created by times.

The old mailboxes hanging on the old wall with Chinese address is a must have element to be includes in the disappearing memory cause we never know when they will be disappear. Steel mailbox is common but Red one is rare, it gives more vintage touch with its rusted edge.

YAN FONG gave a short art talk on her art collection DISAPPEARING MEMORY SERIES – OLD WALL during the “PECHAKUCHA NIGHT HK!” PechaKucha Night HK drops in on the 2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (HK) KWUN TONG FERRY PIER • URBANISM \ ARCHITECTURE BI-CITY BIENNALE (HK) by PECHAKUCHA NIGHT

Art Talk by Yan Fong