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Yan Fong on DESIGN VIEW about authentic
Yan Fong on DESIGNER VIEW about authentic

What if authentic mark its statement and present the true me? My days in the fashion industry often made me think about the prevention of fast fashion as well as the blurry characters itself. I already doubted how fashion can benefit the world as an eco-friendly industry. Although I loved the stylish and trendy brand, the lack of environmental awareness within the field and its selfishness of using real fur bothered me. I would like my design influenced the world with a positive way, emphasized eco-friendly and animal awareness rather than just be trendy, and would continually challenge and motivate me to improve. Keening my thoughts wandered to the area of slow fashion, particularly classy design.

Along with my passion in eco-friendly fashion, I won the 2nd-runner up of “fffashion fur free competition” by Born Free USA Hollywood on Sep 2011. The winning design was a knit ruffles dress which brought the message of anti-fur. All these awards confirmed my growing passion in eco-friendly fashion, particularly within the women swear sector. There are my strongest interests because I believe these wills are fundamental to our earth’s health. Fashion must achieve characteristic and good quality without sacrificing environmental.

I enjoy meeting people who share the similar values and participating in design creation in such a meaningful field. What if a dress could be worn for many years still classy and nice? What if abandoning the influences of chasing the new trend, buy and throw away cheap appeal with no character every months? What if every person was influenced to dress nice and healthy and that shows their personality and level of taste instead of keep buying clothes which looks similar in every chain stores and as everyone on the road ? I wish to do things for a better world with my professional and hope every effort is worth.