Fashion Interview . Design to support animal welfare . Los Angeles

Fashion for Charity Panniate Mag with YAN FONG

“Fashion For Charity” – Design to support animal welfare

Animal is our friend or not our friend? In fashion world, where appearance is important while most of the fur leather had been used by mass producers, who will be the voice for animal rights? Designers could be the starters to correct such issues of animal rights in fashion. However, very few of them from luxury fashion, have yet to be enforced. None but there is always some talents with kind heart who provides the positive manner to take actions which speak louder than words, here we want to introduce the emerging designer-Yan Fong.

Emerging fashion designer Yan Fong with her signature designer label YANE MODE, with delicate style with a timeless silhouette by using luxury jersey knit, is showcasing in different clarity shows in Hollywood, New York, Paris, and Toronto and is gaining international sales to America and England, brought by most of the high-end society.

“Raising concerns about animal welfare in higher fashion is not easy as most of the luxury brands are the big buyers of those fur farms. But I believe through the exposures of showcasing in higher fashion shows would spread the messages yet change the concept of wearing fur.” Yan Fong said.

“My future design goal is to focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the design field, not only, fashion, but also other areas like interior, animations, in order to grow ethical design for the world.”

Ethical fashion is an umbrella term to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare.

“Most of the ethical fashion gives public a feel that too causal or mass but why not it could also looks trendy, elegant and classy? “Yan Fong said. “We will keep sponsors the celebrity shows like the Red Carpet, Film festival to presents the ethical high fashion and anti-fur fashion, there is no reason to not speaking for those innocence with no voice.”


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