Design Interview . Talent Magazine . Simply Vintage Luxury . New York

Interview with Yan Fong, Designer and Art collector by Rita Dona in Manhattan on Mar for Talent Magazine.

How do you define simply vintage as luxury?

I think vintage is a luxury itself, as an art collector I treasure most of my collection which are priceless yet the values increase by times. They are understandable by those who have the similar taste and understand simply vintage is a luxury already. Everything that against time is the true things for me that I have expressing via my design and my lifestyle, I like true things but not fast things, just like my home, my relationships, my old blackberry without internet connection, these are all the effort I made to make the authentic statement.

How do you apply vintage as design element for luxury home décor ?

Along with my passion in vintage, eco-friendly, cultural lifestyle, whenever I seen a vintage wall, a local metal door, an old wood, an thomas edison lightbulb..etc I will take a picture on my mind, than I will design a series of print with a luxury twist for potential products like wallpaper, home print, fashion print..etc. They all look luxury in the end and keep the vintage character.

Are you living an authentic lifestyle?

I make my authentic statement and present my true character. My days in the design industry often made me think about the prevention of how speedy the world is turning as well as how fast people losing their characters. Vintage, Old and Simple is a lifestyle to live out ourselves but not following the mass stream.

Please tell us more about your design on eco-friendly?

My first true introduction to the eco-friendly fashion came in a chance that I changed my lifestyle to a environmental and animal awareness person. As I always design for clarity groups like Mercy Corp, PETA, AAF..etc, the world of “eco” fascinated me as I saw the range of selfishness in fashion industry, I made my wish to do things for a better world with my professional.

How can we apply eco-friendly to our home décor?

We can put these wood vintage wallpaper print to our cupboards, our furniture in this case we don’t need to throw the old stuff away and create another tons of rubbishes. There are tips of vintage décor I have write on my site that everyone can access. I believe these wills are fundamental to our earth’s health. Design is a solution must achieve characteristic and good quality without sacrificing environmental.

Interview with Yan Fong, Designer and Art collector by Rita Dona in Manhattan on Mar for Talent Magazine.

Yan Fong, is one of the up-trend designer turning vintage elements to luxury products on home décor as well as print and textiles. She is always on the design industry surrounding by all these luxury and trendy products, but she has her true character making the authentic mark statement.