Fashion Interview . Rouge . Rising Fashion Designer . Paris



Some designers are worth to get the global recognition of their undisputed taste level. With an authentic style of design, YAN FONG creates a collection of feminine, elegant, classy pieces as the signature of ultimate luxury simplicity, have been worn by beautiful women in Hollywood, Manhattan and London, all the cosmopolitans.

What type of fashion designer are you?

I am an eco-friendly designer try to create designs which are good for the world and bring the positive messages. I want to show the luxury in a simple and classy way,  I am creating beautiful cutting edge sense of timeless fashion that one little black dress can be last long.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

It is always feminine, elegant and classy. They are dresses presents the identity and characters of a true woman who success in most of the aspect of her life, who makes everyone admire how stunning she is.

How your lifestyles reflect your design?

My development of everyday’s quality life supports my designs. I like to live in slow motions for specific moment that leaves space for my self-conscious thinking. After many years living in a fast and busy lifestyle, I discover the moment we slow down, the more we get inspired.

What kind of fabrication and color you particular like?

I like nature fabrics like silk, cotton which creates nice drape, I use jersey knit a lot as they are great for fit and easy care. I love red, where the passion comes from, also because I love red wine! Black and white always go along with red as the background color of the collection.

Which part of design during the creation you like the most?

It is the process of design. All the excitement and inspiration jumps into the mind and start working on it is an amazing experience. And expecting the results also allows me to view the whole things in a more structured way.