Design for Charity . Don’t Wear Fur Inkblot Animals . Born Free USA . American Appeal . Los Angeles


Anti Fur Series . Inklblot Animals , Yan Fong . Digital Art . 2013
Inkblot Animal Anti-Fur series is a project to bring public attention to animal welfare awareness and avoid animal abuse. Fur free art campaign had been promoted by most of the fashion capitals like Hollywood, and more and more customer care about if they are wearing real fur and supporting fur-free fashion, as well as the celebrities internationally are posting anti-fur statements.

The design is inspired by the animals that had been used for fur industry in fashion world. Using the clean and simple visual language and direct to anti-fur message such as bloody red color to illustrate animal’s innocent image in order to warm the people who support the cruel animal fur farm.

The artwork had been used for Born Free USA as their anti-fur campaign for clarity while Yan Fong Design is the license holder and creator and able to use the artwork for further development like the art installation.

Inkblot Bear Wildlife should be left alone, not exploited for the fashion industry.
Though not often slain for their fur, bears are killed for their bile and gallbladders.
There’s nothing fashionable about that!
Inkblot Bunny Who would want to wear fur stripped from a rabbit? Unfortunately, all too many people do just that.
Wear this inkblot design and you will spread the good word: Bunnies aren’t wardrobe accessories.
Inkblot Raccoon Raccoons can run into trouble when they enter urban environments.
They shouldn’t be targeted by trappers for the fur industry, too.
Show your support for these plucky survivors by wearing this design!
Inkblot Seal Baby seals are notoriously victimized in Canada, where annually they are killed
by the hundreds of thousands for their fur. Show how much you oppose such atrocities by wearing this peaceful design!
Design by Yan Fong .  Funding for Born Free USA . Made by American Appeal . Made in Downtown LA . All for Animal Welfare . Design for Good . Go for Anti-Fur.