Art Interview . The beauty of paper Art . Paris

Yan Fong Paper Art Interview 1

Yan Fong Paper Art Interview 2

YAN FONG paper art 3

The beauty of paper art in curly form

 Yan Fong is a cutting-edge experimental artist who uses paper cut to visual her unique curly style. Primarily working in design field in terms of fashion, direction, graphic and animation, she builds her own freehand drawing and attaches them to her art installation to achieve a unique paper art technique.

Yan’s work deals with highly developed class and provides taste that can’t always be bought, the art installation in which inspired people the sense of beauty. Her works cover most of the aspects in design have always carries her own character manipulating the time and space conceptually.

The paper art installation was inspired by the organic from like the floral, leaves and forest. “ Nature if the best artist and a best source for my inspiration, when I starts to draw to cut to design, my minds fly with the flows of the air of the earth, comminuting with my aesthetics, that’s my presentation for arts.” told by Yan.

The shadow of the paper art is moving with the spotlight somehow it shows in a way that seeks to understand elegant, movement, space, forms, mirroring the pure sense of the nature. The art installation also carries the messages of eco-friendly environment as the material is used of recycle paper. “ One of the key message I want to presents via my works is the care of the nature and animal, they are the most innocent things we need to care, that’s why organic curly forms is always my style”.