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YAN FONG interview in The Fever Fashion Mag on the topic of double vision for luxury fashion and anti-fur

In late November I had the opportunity to interview Yan Fong, a fashion designer who takes her ability to balance luxury fashion to anti-fur clarity. Her eveningwear is stunning, vivid, and almost classy. During the Hollywood California Born Free USA Fashion Show, the models strutted down the stage wearing metallic fish tail gown, sexy detail front ruffled dress that all made with eco-friendly knit with harmless detail to the world. Not only did Yan use her taste on knit dresses, she also balances the use of material and the ant-fur message to the public. Interviewing Yan, I attain a designer’s vision of her hard work to change the concept of luxury does help the animal.

AF: What are the main elements that you added to your everyday life to support your though to link animal welfare to luxury fashion?

YF: I just loved to do meaningful things for animal when I was younger. Meanwhile, I discovered my talents in design, not only fashion, but also lifestyle product, interior, animation, everything about design. Soon I wanted to try to change the mindset that designer can also help clarity organization specially most of the higher fashion doesn’t go fur  free, this is my mission to take action seriously.

AF: How do you intend public to understand when wearing your design?

YF: I want them to feel confident, classy, spirited yet as a person who cares about the world on the true face of fur and about the millions of innocent fur bearing mammals who are slaughtered each year, many skinned alive, including dogs and cats , all in the name of fashion fur. Most of the celebrity and singers are anti-fur :  Leona Lewis / US  pop star, Pink, Lady GaGa,  / Fashion Designer Stella McCartney / Pamela Anderson ..etc.

AF: What do you have to say to the upcoming designer, particularly for those hoping to follow your footsteps?

YF: They should understand their true talent on a specific area and find the balance between fashion and the earth benefits. If we only do things for money for commercial without caring our birthplace it will take them nowhere.  Believe ourselves can change the world because we love our plant, animal, air, water, this is the power comes from within ourselves.

Features by The Fever Fashion Mag . Issue : December 2011 . Written by : Alfonso Fournier  . Topic : Double Vision