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yane-mode-winner-knit-dress-of-fffashion-hollywood-la-1-2 Fur Free Fashion Winners by Huffington post

Anti-Blood Fur Garment designed by Yan Fong has won the 2nd prize of 3rd Annual Fur Free Fashion Competition organized by Born Free USA. The fashion show event will be held in Hollywood, LA, USA. The award-winning dresses will be wearing by celebrity. Inspirited by animal skinned alive, the bloody red over the skin surface. Warning message to the folk “stop bloody fur!“ Ruffles as skin texture and red as bloody color. The dress is comfort,easy care, feminine which means less resource need during the process as a green fashion. Types of Materials: Jersey Knit in red,to presents real blood from animals skinned alive.There is no other material used for this dress as less is more. Greater variety of sizing avoid extra usage of resources. Interests in Fashion: Green fashion is use fewer resources to produce timeless fashion. To present timeless classic dresses, with minimal details and richer messages behind.

The winning design is about fur free fashions and judged by some of the famous stars such as Julia Barr, Emmy Award winners and Brita Belli editor of E / The Environmental Magazine etc. Other judges are longtime star in “All My Children” and an outspoken animal supporter, actress Kristin Bauer, , who plays Pam on HBO’s hit series True Blood, Carson-Begley, co-star of Living with Ed on Discovery’s Planet Green; and international designer Elizabeth Emanuel, perhaps most famous for creating Princess Diana’s wedding dress. Summer Rayne Oakes, eco-model, activist and green living expert, will select a winner of the Green Award.

The winning design will expend as a small collection which plan to showcase in an fur-free charity event on Sep in Los Angles, Hollywood, CA

more details will be released on Born Free USA official site.