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 YAN FONG interview in fashion trend art YAN FONG时尚潮流艺术杂志采访

Idea and creation is the main concepts to be the next fashion trend, we might not understand why there is little systematic understanding of how fashion fits in the wider aesthetic world.

Relationship between fashion and other aesthetic forms such as drawing, painting, that is to say, how is it that these connections are developed within a repeated fashion trend or how are they involved in each phase of artistic movement. Yan said that it is common to gain idea from history that forms the standard of aesthetic, with the fashion world’s specialized references to art, to visual expression, and to a category of what is “nice” or “pretty”. There are certain key standard in a group of discussions which at once emphasized ad isolated subjective our sense of action. It is also clear to judge if it is a master piece or not from social or cultural interpretations.

Yan also pin point that art originally referred to skills and designer was one who practiced a particular skill. Therefore it is correct to claims that creation process of an individual’s place as the performance of fashion is the main channel of social practice.

Fashion therefore involves a greater social function while trend is the main communication way to the public.

To express the aesthetic of fashion, it is an art from, people are the canvas and clothes are the medium.