Fashion Interview . PROMINENCE . A LIFE IN CREATION . Hong Kong


STYLE UP 中国国际时装周 the power of red红色力量-中国梦
STYLE UP 中国国际时装周 the power of red红色力量-中国梦


Yan Fong is known for a series of art creation – especially for fashion – than is the graphic and direction planning, covering different levels of area and clients, from luxury to department stores, from stock-listed company to clarity organization. “the amazing things it to create your life, not driven by it.”

Paris, knows her as a birthplace of her style of taste, and also the place developing her taste level. “there are no places as amazing asParis, it is hard to tell but once you smell it, you know it.”.New Yorkperhaps is the door to open her global view while meeting all the smart people and discuss all the possibility of creation. “InNew York, you can discuss everything in every possibility. this is the faster way to grow the global view with brilliant people around the world”.China. Becomes her next move.

Some designer would say that China has no design but only a world factory. What would you say to that?

The era of being a successful world factory is past. Having the skill and technique of time can totally makeChinaas a wonderful platform to grow original brands. But than there are another issues to stay creative and avoid copy-cat in the same time. The protection of orginial creativity should be treasured by most of the Chinese people, unlike those fashion capitals,Chinaneed some times to get to the pier.

How has the advent of luxury fashion affected the creative market? Will you consider it as a creation?

It would be consider as the gift balancing art and commercial. Infact, design is about luxury to add something new and better to existing product or services. What if we print something in normal paper? why do we need a nice layout for magazine? Why don’t we just wear a basic tee and why we need evening gown? These products are luxury and become a result of social civilization.