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“Level of taste Symphony”

Yan Fong, founder of her design studio and consultant of many international fashion labels, tells us about her attraction to the level of taste creation, and why designing the different appeal varieties is a little like wine-tasting.

What’s the philosophy of good taste?

A good taste understands your personal identity and lives it with better style. Many people misunderstand that taste equal to trend, it is wrong, if you follow the trend without knowing yourself, you will never find the right look you need. To create a good taste, it is not exists in dresses only, it is in the street, in your life, it also mix with a quality lifestyle, the way we live and how you living everything

How to develop a good taste?

We need to grow it with every single details of everyday’s life. We need to notice of everything that inspires us to live better, flipping through design related magazine, dining in nice restaurant, and coffee in theme coffee shop and living in designer boutique will helps develop the sense of beauty. “There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones” quoted from CoCo Chanel. What we need is to care more about ourselves, from head to toe, from outside appearance to inner beauty.

Why good taste is a little like wine-tasting?

My love of wine and fashion has its similarity, which is both enjoyable. We can link up wine and fashion in certain examples, beer for casual wear, cotton model tee with skinny jeans in dark; red wine for suit or tailor dresses in great fit, professional yet relaxes; champagne for eveningwear with shine and sparking; ice wine for sweetly look and a little garden feels. Everyone has their selection of wine, it is the same thing for taste, most importantly, both takes time to develop, taste and wine!

 Yan Fong Interview on THE TASTE magazine on May 2011 issues